It’s pretty established that big picture perfectionists sometimes self sabotage simply because they have a hard time taking on tasks a little bit at a time. They think well, I can’t pay this bill in full so why pay it at all? I’m just going to fail, etc. I have definitely done that. I do it all the time with little shit, but then I also find myself doing it with big, philosophical shit. Like, I look at everything and I think the world is a fucked up terrible place, I don’t even know where to start, why even live at all? I mean, not in a suicidal sense, at least not usually, just in a why bother to exist kind of way, which I guess if you’ve been there you know and if you haven’t been there you don’t know. Anyway, I’m trying to consciously correct that kind of thinking, but man it’s hard lately.

While sex can be perceived as a fundamental human experience, helping someone get laid as a means to assuage collective guilt from the mainstream and “allow” disabled people to believe that they’ve achieved social equality is (no pun intended) fucking ridiculous.

By fixating on sexual experience as the Holy Grail of basic humanity, the able community lazily sweeps ableism under the rug to avoid critiquing their own privilege.