the polite yeti: When I started working at approximately ~5USD/hr, gas was about 1.02/gal





Which meant that I could buy 5 gallons of gas for an hour’s work, ignoring tax taken out of my paycheck, etc.

I could buy a cheap fast food meal for about 3.16USD, a bit more than a half hour’s work.

Not going to say how much I get paid…

I’m not arguing for simplistic solutions but the price of rent hasn’t stayed static either. It goes up all the time right now even without living wage standards.

The only areas in the U.S. I’m aware of with even limited rent control are places like NYC where I can’t afford to live anyway so I’m not actually sure what rent control entails anyway.

Getting back to a point, I know your post wasn’t arguing against mine so much as bringing up a point so I hope this doesn’t come off as a counter attack to a non-attack. x_x

Whatever the ultimate solution is, it’s going to have to include human dignity. Everyone has a right to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and as much education as they’d like. And if we’re going to have some form of capitalism, anyone who works a standard work week (which may or may not flush out to 40 hours/week) deserves to be paid a livable wage.

Definitely not an attack, and I very much agree with you.