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Let's start at the very beginning /Do you have questions into the nature of the universe? Pose them here./ I can't.
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    I was on a Rush mailing list! lol
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    Old school nintendo fandom at!If anyone actually ever still goes there, the rpg forum came about because our...
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    OMG STAR WARS CHICKS! I was on that list! And on the RoswellAfterDark mailing list, and to my ETERNAL sorrow, was not on...
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    Yes. And I’m continually amazed at how many people in fandom bash and flame things that other people are doing because...
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    Fanzines and sending tapes via actual mail. Finding pen pals with shared interests through ads in magazines!
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    I remember Gossamer and geocities, but even before that, you were talking Fanzines. Yes, that is right. Fanfic used to...
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    Oh yes. When Lettercols and apazines ruled the earth… ;)
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    DO I ever remember all the silly Sailor Moon websites that used to exist. Also begging my mom to buy me poptarts, and...
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    Bwa ha ha … try fandom newsletters printed on mimeograph machines, folks! No home computers, and the Internet was used...
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    Yahoo mailing lists? My old ML got bought out by Yahoo.
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    Yahoo ML flamewars, Gundam Wing style. Been there, done that.
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    I remember when I was young and the internet was this weird thingy my father, the computer guy, was tinkering with, and...
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    Make me feel old, why don’t you. I remember it was just after the last of the dinosaurs had been killed, and if you...
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    I remember. When I got into fandom, in order to find fanfic you often had to go to each individual author’s website....
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    web rings and e-mail mailing lists. Oh man. Web rings.
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    Well… I still have a mailcity account. They call it lycos now or some shit. Which of course means my first website was...
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    I remember… 1. The AOL Star Wars Fan Forum, my first encounter with fans who were into the same Star Wars stuff that I...
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    Alt.fanfiction mailing lists. I subscribed to an alt.startrek one or two back in the day.
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    Oh damn, I definitely did some Heralds of Valdemar (those books by Mercedes Lackey) roleplay on a Yahoo mailing list in...
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    BBSes, though wow, letters and visiting. Not that I don’t visit XD
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    I wasn’t into yahoo groups but I definitely remember geocities, angelfire and webrings. And actual fansites! I actually...
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    I had a fandom geocities website. And a time before And the really old Yahoo clubs. I feel old now.