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Graceling/Fire/Bitterblue/Seven Kingdoms fic to date master post (most recent at the bottom):

Shared (alt link) - T, Bitterblue/Saf Saf. didn’t mean to dream of the Lady Queen, and he certainly didn’t mean to share those with her, but he worried that it happened all the same.

Rather Unexpected (alt link) - G, Bitterblue/Saf, Skye/Saf. Saf wasn’t sure what he had expected, but it wasn’t to somehow have gotten mixed up in the official delegation from Monsea and Lienid as, well, an official person.

Letters (alt link) - G, Bitterblue/Saf, implied other BB relationship. When Saf lands in King’s City, there are always letters waiting for him.

Rings (alt link), G, Bitterblue/Saf, Bren/Tilda. Each ring on a Lienid’s hand represents a family member.

An Unlikely Marriage Proposal (alt link) - T, Bitterblue/Skye, Bitterblue/Saf, Saf/Skye, Bitterblue/Skye/Saf. Bitterblue feels a little vindicated when she turns out to be right about marriage proposals.

Awash (alt link) - G, Saf-centric drabble. Saf is unmoored.

Forgetting (alt link) - T, Thiel/Ashen, Leck/Ashen. Thiel remembers. There are things no man can forget.

Old Friends (alt link) - G, Bitterblue/Giddon. Giddon’s made this mistake before.

Homecomings (alt link) - implied Teddy/Saf, Bren/Tilda. Saf’s first night in the shop.

A Suitable Candidate (alt link) - G, Bitterblue/Giddon. The law no longer requires that the Queen of Monsea marry nobility.

A very perfect spy (alt link) - T, Hava/Saf, implied Bitterblue/Saf. In a lot of ways, Hava made the perfect spy.

Sparks (alt link) - T, Hava/Saf, Bitterblue/Saf. Saf knows it’s wrong.

The Rules of an Army Commander (alt link) - G, implied Hanna/Bitterblue.

Sharing (alt link) - M, Teddy/Saf. Teddy has never shared a room before.

Mysteries (alt link) - G, Raffin/Bann. Raffin should be asleep.

Lucky (alt link) - G, Teddy/Bitterblue. A meeting and apple turnovers.

Root Words (alt link) - G, Teddy-centric. Teddy thinks about how words can heal.

Ceramics (alt link) - G, Hava-centric. Hava has to do something with her hands.

Kissing Games (alt link) - G, Bren/Tilda. It begins as a game.

A Trip Alone to Estill (alt link) - G, Giddon-centric. Giddon reflects on his relationship with Po.

In Gardens (alt link) - G, Bitterblue and Hava. Hava and Bitterblue have to learn together.

Burning (alt link) - G, Fire/Archer. Archer wants too much. Drabble.

The Tapestry Woman (alt link) - G, Katsa and Fire, mid-Bitterblue. The land itself is astoundingly green, the sort of colour that lends inverted images to the insides of her eyelids when she blinks.

A Present for Fire (alt link) - G, Bitterblue and Fire. A Queen must bring presents when she comes to visit.

Small (alt link) - G, Fire-centric. It is over, and now there is time to mourn.

The First Lie (alt link) - G, Bitterblue/Giddon. Giddon has broken his promise.

Half a Monster (alt link) - T, Leck-centric. Leck hates their Graces, because they are not monstrous.

In the Courtyard (alt link) - M, Katsa/Po, Bitterblue. She meant to back away, to leave them in private, and later she wouldn’t have been able to explain what possessed her to shrink back behind one of the endless topiaries and watch through the leaves.

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